Top Five Benefits of Hiring Mini Crawler Crane For Construction Sites

Top Five Benefits of Hiring Mini Crawler Crane For Construction Sites

A mini crane is a small crane specifically designed for use in small areas, confined spaces, and challenging terrain.  Small cranes are generally useful, the jack of all trades of the crane family.   Even though, it is small in size it can certainly pull (or lift)weight. The benefit of this technology over more conventional cranes are lightweight, neat, and portable, is virtually incomparable. You need to employ a mini crawler crane if you are operating a construction company and need a smaller crane that can reach a tighter space or handle rough or rocky terrain. These cranes are available in a variety of sizes and styles, and its lightweight construction and ability to maneuver make it perfect for working on multi-level buildings as well as on concrete slabs.         

There are many significant benefits in renting mini crawler crane on your next construction project.  Let us discuss top five benefits;

Save time and money and Reduce disruption to the site

The lightweight design of the mini crawler/spider cranes ensures that comparatively lesser steps need to be put in place to prepare the cranes for delivery. Again it depends wholly on the nature of the site and the project.  Compared to traditional cranes, these spider cranes prove far more cost-effective as there is less disruption to existing site layouts – it helps to keep the workflow uninterrupted, flexible and efficient.

Tonnage or Lifting Weight

Even though small cranes are small in size, the spider crane is capable of raising significant tonnage. PRL Co rents mini crawler cranes in Los Angeles that can lift up to 3.3 tons. This mini crawler is compact in size when bundled with dimension as4.25'x5.9'x14.24' with a 6,680 lb. lifting capacity and 52 foot tip height. Also when it comes to moving goods, eight legs or tripods stretched from the base, much like spider legs, help to stabilize the crane and lift a heavyweight.

Compact Areas

One of the main benefits of today’s spider cranes is their ability to perform the most sensitive and complicated tasks in some of the most compact areas. With some models capable of fitting through a standard or double door, it’s clear why these mini but powerful cranes are some of the most popular on market today. These verities can often provide a solution to a difficult lifting problem by being able to get much closer to the lift, which is almost impossible compared to the traditional crane.

Rent the crane of your choice

Different jobs require different cranes.  Hence, the advantage of hiring means that you have the freedom and flexibility to use each specific crane as you need it. In a range of sizes, from smaller 1.7-ton units to 15-ton units, variety of mini crawler cranes are available. These types are perfect for a wide range of construction work, including glass and air conditioning, steel assembly, stair elevation, plant maintenance, and a variety of other residential, commercial and industrial construction projects.

Safety and Health features

You can be confident that some of the smartest functions on the market will feature the health and safety features of the spider cranes. With so many different types of crawler cranes available, it gives the users multiple options when you need a crane rental. If you don’t know which option is right for you, talk to the rental company.

Are you trying to find the perfect piece of equipment for your unique lifting needs? The mini crawler cranes by PRLCo can be the best solution to boost your productivity at construction sites. The company also offers its own equipment operators along with the rentals so you can save your time and focus on your core business.