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Who is PRL Co? - PRL Co is a DBA subsidiary of T. R. Wurster Construction Co. Inc., (CSLB B license #506639), a company which has been focused on serving the West Los Angeles construction market since 1974 . PRL Co shares existing resources that have been long established and utilized by TRW thereby bringing the stability, integrity, and quality of operation that TRW is known for to this new venture.

What does PRL Co do? - PRL Co offers site services which include supplying an unusual portfolio of high-performing heavy equipment with reliable operators specializing in servicing sites with tight space constraints. PRL Co also manufactures portable handwash stations and rents those stations in addition to providing much needed safety and hygiene supplies. Lastly, PRL Co offers years of experience in regulatory compliance and best practices of safety processes as a consultant to those seeking advice in such areas.

Why was PRL Co started? - PRL Co was developed to leverage existing infrastructure that could be repackaged and offered to assist existing and new clients with needs for pandemic response and general safety and hygiene provisions while building long term solutions and enhancing client relationships with a refreshed and refocused approach to site services.

Where does PRL Co offer services? - Traditionally TRW services clients in the West Los Angeles area which includes the Platinum Triangle (Bel Air, Holmby Hills, Beverly Hills), Sunset Strip, Malibu, the Mulholland Corridor, and surrounding areas. PRL Co's immediate focus is on the same service areas (see service region map). PRL Co has focused on these regions to maintain competitive rates based upon predictable travel expenses, but is open to considering clients located outside this general area as long as the added costs of servicing this expanded geography are covered.

When did PRL Co begin offering services? - With an initial launch in April 2020 we anticipate PRL Co will actively serve our clientele for many years into the future!

Where can I find the fine print relative to PRL Co? - Please reference the product page for the specifics of a product or service you are interested in. Please find additional details as follows:

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