Advantages of Spider Cranes in Construction Industry

As urban environment across the world continues to expand, the construction industry is facing new challenges in the job sites particularly in areas where space will be very minimal.  Spider cranes are fast becoming a natural solution to these increasingly complex construction challenges.  Spider crane is becoming popular across the world since it can crawl into smaller space for heavy lifting where large cranes cannot access.  More multifaceted than average sized crane, Spider-cranes are capable of tackling the most challenging environments like slopes, stairs and tight, confined spaces.

There are many advantages for using these cranes and a few are listed below.

  1. Health and safety features- You can be confident that the health and safety features of spider cranes will come with some of the most intelligent functions on the market. Spider cranes come with a variety of safety features that can include a Lift-Smart Advanced Safety System, outrigger interlocks to ensure stabilisation of the chassis before any lifting operations can be carried out.  The safe load indicator is installed to prevent the crane from lifting outside of its working envelope.  Work area limitation is standard on cranes fitted with a safe load indicator.
  2. Reduce site disruption, save time and money- Spider cranes are small by size and weight compared to other heavy cranes and therefore it helps to reduce the site disruptions by saving time and money if it has to be transported from one place to another place. The compact design of the spider crane will mean that fewer measures are needed to be put in place in preparation for the delivery of the crane itself, although, this will depend entirely on the nature of the site and the project at hand.
  3. Confined spaces- This is one of most major benefits as spider cranes takes very less space and can perform the most sensitive and complicated jobs. It’s clear to see why these mini yet mighty crawler cranes are some of the most popular on the market today.  They can often provide the solution to the challenging lifting problem in a smaller space which is almost impossible by a traditional crane.
  4. Rough land- Spider Cranes is used at a surface which is not equal and capable to perform some of the most skilled lifting projects at most challenging terrain. Spider cranes can work on uneven surfaces and slopes, while its tracked mobility enables the crane to travel over rough terrain.  Their outriggers are designed to stabilise the crane even when working on uneven surfaces.
  5. Carrying Heavy Loads- The smallest spider cranes carry less half a tonne due to its size, whereas there are some models of spider cranes which can carry weight as heavy as 4 tonnes. Spider cranes can carry the weight which will be more than its weight.  This makes it possible for two units to raise them to another floor or lower each other to the basement.

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