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What is Tamping Rammer? Types and Benefits of Tamping Rammer

Tamping rammer used for compacting different types of soils and it helps to compress soil’s surface in a consistent manner.Tamping rammer is one among the mandatory tools as needed for concrete workers.  Rammers, vibratory plate compactors, rollers, and other machines are among such equipment.  Rammers now employ innovative technology to provide maximum impact force while still being simple to operate.  A tamping rammer makes your life simpler on the job site, but also a time saver.  It provides superior final result, and so increases your task profit margin.

How does a Tamping Rammer Work?

Tamping rammers typically deliver a high impact force at a rate of 500-750 blows per minute.  As a result, it turns out to be the greatest choice for compacting adhesive and semi-adhesive soils.  It should not be used to compact granular soils such as sands.  Compaction minimizes the gaps between soil particles while also increasing the dry density of soil.  Tamping rammers are very useful for compacting ditches and working in limited spaces. 

Some common types of Tamping Rammers

Rammers are divided into two groups based on the sort of operations:

  • Man Powered Rammer
  • Machine Powered Rammers

Advantages of Machine Powered Rammer

  • Compaction can be done more quickly. It takes twice as long to use a machine-powered tamping rammer as it does to use a hand-powered one.  As a result, while compacting a big area, it would be more beneficial since it covers surface faster
  • Less human effort, and hence less manpower

Advantages of Man Powered Rammer

In comparison to machine-powered rammers, this is a low-cost option. Other benefits are as follows;

  • Useful in delicate areas. Man-powered rammer is preferred over mechanical rammer for trench tamping because mechanical rammer can damage pipes it comes into contact with
  • It makes less noise than one driven by a machine
  • It is easily manageable by a single person

PRLCO provides site services likerenting equipmentwith operatorsoffering different types of heavy equipment for any kind of job sites.  PRLCO inventory has man powered rammers for rental with professionally trained operators for rental.

Characteristics of PRLCO Tamping Rammers

  • These compaction machine is lightweight and simple to operate
  • It works best in cohesive and semi-cohesive soils
  • Ramming frequency is 600-640 RPM
  • These rammers can compact layers up to 450mm thick
  • Rammers can be used to compact the base of a road, a dike, building, etc.
  • It can be employed in challenging environments when other forms of equipment are unable to operate
  • It is powered by a gasoline engine

Compaction rammers, in addition to being noisy and forceful, may be dangerous to operate because they typically bounce forward while in use.  Rammers are powerful tools that should be handled with care.  To prevent injuries, it is important to take regular breaks from preventing it to become too hot, and consistently follow stringent safety regulations.  Thus, it is important, the person operating the rammer to be trained.  PRLCO understands the nature of such equipment, and thus offer Tamping Rammer Rental with Operators.

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