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What is Earth Auger? Important Things to Know while Renting out Earth Auger

Earth augers come in handy when you need to dig faster and more precisely. The auger is designed to penetrate the earth, and particularly well-suited to difficult terrains. This is a hole digging machine for lawn and garden, home improvement, and construction projects. Earth Augers come in variety of shapes, and sizes. At PRL Co, we rent portable earth auger with operators, which can be used to dig holes for fence posts, trees, and hedges, as well as piles for deep foundations or retaining walls.

It’s helpful to know how augers vary from other gardening equipment in order to explain why you need one. Our earth augers are an attachments which can then be attached to the front of other heavy equipment. PRL Co’s earth auger rental includes different sizes of augers and extensions that can be attached to either a boom fork or a skid steer which can be rented from us.


While searching for the perfect earth auger, there are three important things to keep in mind:

The Drill Bit Diameter

Users of some earth auger models can adjust the drill’s diameter to improve different boring operations. Our selection of earth auger bits vary in diameter from 12” to 36”. Clearly, the drill bit size while renting earth auger is critical because it determines the diameter of poles you can fit into the hole you create.

Capacity to Dig Deep

If planning on digging deep pits, you’ll especially need the right heavy equipment to drive the augers. The auger bit typically has a depth of 3 feet. Extensions of up to 12 feet can be used to dig further. Sometimes changing drills are required so it is better to rent earth augers that allow to easily swapping drill bits on the fly.

PRL Co rent earth auger with operators to fit every project. Earth Auger rental includes a set of sizes that attach to either a Boom Fork or Skid steer seamlessly. Our expert operator will set up the equipment and complete your task quickly. Please visit our website for more details about heavy equipment rental service with operator.