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What is a Plate and Ramming Compactor? Where are they used and its types?

One of the most important aspects of any building project is compaction.  Base corrosion, slab cracks, and drain leaks and breaks will all occur without sufficient soil compaction.  As a consequence, unneeded repair costs and structural deterioration are incurred.  A plate compactor is a required piece of building machinery for levelling various forms of soil and gravel.  There are a variety of compactors for rental, each with its own scale, strength, and operating mechanism.  Plate compactors are extremely simple to use and operate.

Operations of a Plate Compactor

Although plate compactors come with a variety of accessories, the machine’s fundamentals remain the same.  It compacts the soil by repeatedly vibrating or driving a flat metal plate against the earth.  This flat plate aids in the compression and smoothing of rough and uneven soil.  Plate compactors excel at compacting granular soils like sand and gravel. Proper soil recognition is the best way to start when choosing the right compaction machine for the job.  Compaction is used to improve load-bearing capability, avoid settling, and reduce water seepage and frost damage. 

Single-Plate Compactor

These are the most common and popular compactor since it can handle all of the basic tasks that a normal homeowner might encounter.  The low level and ease of use is the distinguishing feature of single plate compactor.  These great for small jobs and surface level compaction.  Typically, it is being operated by hand. 

Ramming Compactor

Ramming compactors (also known as Jumping Jack compactors) offer compaction in rough terrain when a plate compactor may not be able to move around freely against uneven grades, and in harder to reach areas.

Applications of Compactors

  • Plate compactors are used in a variety of outdoor tasks, such as compacting dirt prior to paving
  • Plate compactors are also ideal for compacting dirt, loose stone, and sand during the paving of a path or a driveway
  • Plate compactors also have the ability to smooth small areas of new asphalt or compact gravel in utility trenches
  • Plate compactors use a combination of rapid impacts and plate weight to compress and bring the dirt together more closely
  • Plate compactors boost efficiency because they provide the best results
  • Ramming compactors are available when the site access parameters require it.

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