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What are the Advantages of Using 3D Point Cloud Scanner at Construction Sites?

3D scanning has been acquiring popularity of late, and companies all over the world are using 3D scanning to increase production, cut costs, and develop innovative and exciting goods and services.  3D scanning is becoming an important part of the new digital construction workflow.  The use of 3D cloud scanning equipment is critical to the progress of every construction process.

In addition to planning, 3D scanning will be used to document any aspect of development throughout the project.  Advanced 3D laser scanning is good mode of record infrastructure more effectively and quickly.  The process of 3D scanning assists in the development of detailed record of the project’s whole lifecycle.  It allows engineers to survey a piece of land in order to gather useful data, generate a simulated model of the real construction, and make appropriate modifications before the construction process begins.

Benefits of 3D Point Cloud Scanning for a Construction Site

  • 3D Point Cloud Scanning eliminates the need for humans in scanning structures, reducing errors and increasing performance
  • One can detect conflicts early in the process, before it occurs, and minimize rework by many percentage points by using 3D point cloud scanner.
  • The use of 3D scanners to redesign the areas will minimize the field time and costs greatly.
  • With high precision, 3D scanners test and gather information about any angle of the region in the shape of a point cloud.
  • Contractors can also reduce risk by ensuring that as-built plans are correct and exposing any inaccuracies early on in the project before they become change orders during construction
  • Teams don’t have to position themselves in danger by using 3D scanners to gather data from hazardous or difficult-to-reach areas. Instead, surveyors will remain out of harm’s way while the scanner works.
  • Real-time concrete slab deviation mapping using heat maps to reveal high and low points during concrete finishing, allowing modifications to be made before curing to prevent expensive grinding and filling after the concrete has cured.

Applications of 3D Point Cloud Scanner Data

In the construction industry, 3D point cloud data is used for two purposes: 3D model reconstruction and geometry accuracy inspection.  Construction progress monitoring, building efficiency reporting, construction safety management, building rehabilitation, construction automation, and heritage software are among the other applications available.

The following sectors would need a deeper understanding of Point Clouds


The ability to build precise 3D models has clear practical implications for construction projects that rely heavily on forecasting and realistic outcomes.  The importance of point cloud-based 3D models extends beyond preparation.  Surveys can be used at different stages of a project, scanning each stage to ensure that the work being done is in accordance with the schedule


As programs progress, point clouds continue to boost consistency guarantees.  Scanning different phases of a project as it advances helps designers to push the technological boundaries of construction as far as possible, and the opportunity to consistently control 3D printed and prefabricated components allow these production choices to be baked into design models.  Drawings, plans, and sections should be rendered with a millimeter of detail, allowing for the right project proposal and structural integrity checking during the architectural construction process.

At PRL Co, we provide a 3D point cloud scanner with the operator which is the most versatile, reliable, and time-effective way to record a structure or property.  You can record anything from small to large spaces – both inside and out – with the highest degree of detail using a compatible camera.  Apart from building sites, our 3D point cloud scanner can be used for forensic record-keeping, comparative BIM vs as designed analytics for structural quality management, and more.  We also offer discount of 10% off on your next 3D scanner rentals if you let us know your uses of our 3D Scanner, and if we publish it on our website.  You can share your use cases here.  For any questions, call us at 866-775-2611 or visit