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Have You Decided To Rent A Forklift? – Top Five Checklist Points while Renting Boom Forks

Boom forks are known from different names such as lift truck, jitney, fork truck, fork hoist, forklift truck, and more.   The purpose of Boom Forks is to lift and move materials over short distance, and is being widely used in industries such as construction, agriculture, and landscape or masonry site.  Boom Forks not only helps you get the job done, but it allows you to do so in a safe and efficient mode.  For many, the idea of owning their own forklift is not exactly feasible.  Luckily, today one can rent a forklift quite easily and due to its convenience, forklift rentals are booming. 

Here are a few things to consider while renting a forklift truck.

Reputation of the Renting Company

These days, one can never be too careful when it comes to doing business with anyone.  When renting a forklift, one need to make sure that the company you’re renting has a good reputation, responds quickly, and offers reliable equipment.  Most forklift dealers rent daily, weekly, or monthly.  Look beyond the company offering the lowest price and ensure that the forklift is late-modeled and standard safety specifications to compensate for potential downtime.  If you’re renting an older lift truck, it might break down when you need it most. 

Purpose and Usage Assessment

The environment in which you operate the forklift dictates the type of forklift you need to rent.  For example, diesel forklifts are not suitable for indoor applications where food is produced due to emitted fumes. 

Below are four important questions you need to ask about your environment:

  • Are you going to use the forklift indoors, outdoors, or both? This will help you decide whether you need a diesel, petrol/LPG or electric forklift
  • What kind of surface will the forklift be used on?
  • What is the minimum aisle width of the forklift needed to be able to stack the right angle in?
  • Are there any height restrictions when entering or leaving the facility?

Forklift Truck Inspection

We need to inspect the forklift and ensure that the condition of the vehicle has been impeccable while taking over.  Since many people are in contact with the same forklift truck, it is important to deal with a rental business that ensures the periodic and efficient maintenance of their equipment.

Before renting a forklift, make sure that the maintenance fee is included in the rental price.  This is going to save you from bad surprises. 

Cost Analysis of the Rental Fee

Consider various cost factors while renting out.  Need to check the availability of tax refund or credit if any in equipment rentals for commercial use.  Also, compare with other terms like payout if any after the rental period or more.  The business needs to pay only for the use of the forklift truck, thus optimizing its rent without unnecessary charges. 

Forklift Delivery

Transporting a forklift has to be done carefully in forklift rentals, it’s ideal to let your dealer deliver and pick up your rent.  They’ll have the experience and ability to make sure you get the forklift in a timely manner.  They can also walk you through any questions you may have when your lift is delivered.  Look for delivery fee, if any and compare with other cost factors and make sure that you get a forklift safely.

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