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Different Types of Face Masks and its Benefits - COVID-19 Crisis and Face Masks

Wearing Face Mask helps us to prevent contracting any airborne infectious germs.  It is generally believed that there are chances of releasing disease-causing viruses when someone coughs, talks or sneezes.  The droplets may infect those who are nearby and under such situations, one can be protected by wearing a mask.  This helps in controlling infection and reducing the intensity of cross-contamination.

Different types of Face Masks

There are many types of masks and each type suits for a specific situation.  A few of the facemasks which are available in the market are discussed below;

  • Surgical Masks
  • N95 masks
  • Activated carbon masks
  • Cloth and sponge masks

Surgical Masks

Surgical masks are the commonly available masks on the market, and are slightly loose-fitted around the mouth and used to protect a person against large splashes of droplets, water, and sprays used in medical facilities. 


  • Surgical masks can stop the transmission of different types of viruses (up to 80-90%)
  • Surgical masks can prevent large particles expelled by the wearer, such as saliva or mucous, from entering the environment

N95 Face masks

 N95 Face masks are widely used to reduce the spread of the virus of late.  It's slightly more tight-fitted making it a better alternative to surgical masks.  These masks with 95 rating filter 95% of particles of 0.3 microns or larger in diameter


  • N95 Face masks have an attachment called the exhalation valve, which can filter out humidity build-up.
  • N95 Face masks work comparatively better in filtering out and stopping pollutants, viruses and bacteria from entering the mouth or nasal passageway, with an efficacy of 95%.


Activated Carbon Masks

 The filter which is part of the Activated Carbon Masks helps collect and filter out the pollutants and germs and breathe in purer air.  The carbon filters present in these masks may even improve your lung capacity and respiratory muscles.


  • Activated Carbon Masks work very well in fighting pollution and tiny particles like bacteria and fungi which spread through the air we breathe in, and thereby, prevent allergies.
  • Activated Carbon Masks help in breathing easily and filter out the germs and get pure air.


Cloth and Sponge masks

Cloth and Sponge masks can be made even at home by using different fabrics like cloth or sponge.  Cloth and Sponge masks will not prevent small particles or viruses as they do not have an inbuilt filter mechanism.


  • Cloth and Sponge masks can be made by using home cloths hence this is cost-effective
  • Cloth and Sponge masks help a person keep the face area clean and prevent the spread of nasty germs and other contagious large bacteria and viruses.

What Type of Face Masks are Best for Covid-19?

As researchers found that N95 masks are the best face masks for COVID-19, these masks reduce a person's risk of infection by 94 to 99% after 20 minutes of exposure in a highly contaminated environment.  These masks provide better protection as compared to other surgical masks.

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