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Construction Sites: A Closer Look at Personal Hygiene and Safety Equipment

There are too many potential hazards at a building site, and personal protective equipment (PPE) is one of the main lines of protection for construction workers. Each PPE item is designed to minimize the exposure to risks of injuries, or illness as well as to the harm done by these hazards in the case of a mishap.  A few of the common hazards that can be mitigated with appropriate PPE include electrical, fall, chemical, harmful dust, struck-by, penetration, caught-in and caught-between, roll-over, and heat.  Each construction site and job responsibility will be measured against common and special dangers and the requirement for suitable personal protective equipment.

It is critical that workers use the PPE that is properly fitted. The component should stay on securely without creating discomfort or reduced mobility; work garments and other objects should not be loose, because this produces hazards for tripping, being stuck between moving parts and more. With the advent of Covid -19, now the Construction sites need additional Personal hygiene and safety equipment or materials like hand sanitizers, gloves, and masks which one can source online at PRLCo.

Below is a brief glance at some of the common personal protective equipment.

Important Personal Hygiene and Safety Equipment for Construction Workers

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) can enhance the quality of the construction worker's workday at the sites. During this COVID-19 pandemic, it is vital to use face masks, hand gloves, hand sanitizers, and antibacterial sanitary wipes at the construction sites to ensure personal hygiene and prevent the transmission of the virus. It is important to install touchless hand wash dispensers and touchless handwashing portable stations at construction sites to maintain cleanliness among the workers.

Hand Protection

Hand Sanitizers

Alcohol-based hand sanitizers have been shown to be an effective tool to combat infections caused by harmful viruses. These sanitizers are particularly important for convenient use in construction sites. Hand sanitizers allow construction workers to keep their hands clean and reduce the risk of health issues at construction site locations. Hand sanitizers are highly convenient to be kept anywhere or can be taken on the go for continued use. It is important to encourage the construction workers about the use of hand sanitizers and educate them about personal hand hygiene at work sites.

Hand Gloves

Different types of work gloves are ideally tailored to different activities and hazards at building sites. For example, heavy duty-leather and canvas gloves are used to protect against cuts and burns, welding gloves, heavy-duty rubber gloves for concrete workers, insulated gloves for electrical hazards, and chemical resistant gloves for working with chemicals, disposable synthetic vinyl gloves for personal hygiene.

Antibacterial Wipes/ Sanitizing Wipes

When freshwater, soap, and portable sink are not available, antibacterial sanitizing wipes is an alternative for hand sanitizing at construction sites. The illness caused by hand-to-hand contact can be prevented through proper hand sanitizing. Up to 80% of infectious diseases are transmitted by touch, because of this statistic every construction job sites demand proper hand sanitizing capabilities for hygienic protection.        

Face/ Eye protection

Face Masks – KN95 masks

Wearing of face mask could be seen as a means of administrative control and part of the employer’s duty to provide safety at work sites. Construction workers are recommended to wear N95 masks for respiratory protection at construction sites. Dust masks can be used in dusty environments where potential respiratory hazards can occur. As an alternative to N95 masks, the construction workers can use cloth masks which are now in short supply. You can easily buy all kinds of face masks online without worrying about stock running out. Wearing a safety mask during construction work can help you save your lungs and life.


Safety glasses or face shields should be worn whenever there is a danger of flying debris or harmful dust coming into the eyes. Cutting, drilling, chipping, and nailing are some of the practices that necessitate safety eyewear. In addition to basic safety glasses, some other protective clothing for the face includes welding shields, chemical splash goggles, and dust goggles.

Other Personal Protective Equipment

This certainly doesn’t cover all types of PPE for construction workers.Hard hats, work pants and shirts, and reflective/high-visibility garments are few other personal protective types of equipment to be used in construction sites.There are several varieties for all forms of elevated construction works. Respiratory safety is another essential class at sites where construction workers are vulnerable to airborne hazards. Again, every construction site and every task must be individually assessed for potential hazards, and workers must be made to wear appropriate personal protective equipment.

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